Working at PRISMA

We believe in working smart and having fun, allowing us to be more creative and innovative. Open, informal & flexible communication sets the tone in our company.  Everyone works together to shape the workplace so they feel better connected to each other, the company and our mission.


What we offer

Modern Workplace

We encourage an open, flexible and international environment that enhances trust and values partnership. Build an international network, enjoy a diverse environment, and benefit personally and professionally.

Knowledge Sharing

We promote active knowledge sharing across teams. Participate in regular meetings organized independently by team members, read through our internal wiki, engage in lunch talks or take part in shareholder meetings and industry conferences.


We organize various events for you and your family. Socialize outside of working hours, join us for local Leipzig meetups, excursions, salad club and team events like dinners, boot camps, rafting trips, cooking events, Christmas parties and many more.


Together at PRISMA

At PRISMA, we have a culture that values innovation and responsibility. An inclusive culture where we feel empowered and valued. A space where we integrate the values of understanding, driving and uniting at the heart of everything we do.

Job offers

Jobs at PRISMA in Leipzig

PRISMA is a small company with a big impact. We make fair markets happen. Join our international team to change the way the European energy markets work.

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Didn't find a job that matches your profile?

Don't worry – we are always interested in new talent. Just share your passion, expertise and interests.

Mariana Fernandez

People & Culture Specialist


We also have attractive benefits and reward packages for our employees. ‍

Training & Development

We help you unlock your potential, and support you in your personal growth and development. Along with providing general orientation and training, we conduct annual team building workshops, language conversation courses and other training tools to maximize your potential.

Flexible Working Time

We allow flexible working arrangements. You, your colleagues and managers can agree together on when, where and how you work, allowing you to better balance personal and business needs.

Recognize individual contributions

We appreciate what you bring to the table. Your colleagues can express gratitude for you and your contributions daily through our reward program.

Workplace Wellness

We like to help each other stay healthy. With our public transport and bike programs, anyone at PRISMA can easily access their own bike or public transport as needed. Fresh fruit and drinks are also available at any time in the office.


Why Leipzig

If you are a fan of music, art & culture; then Leipzig is the place to be.  Leipzig is a city with plenty to do and a burgeoning multicultural scene. You can find every advantage of a modern city and still be able to enjoy the peaceful, serene environment of the nearby countryside. For getting around, the city is compact and bike-friendly. It is also close to other hubs like Berlin, Prague and Dresden.

Leipzig Kunst Andreas Schmidt


The street art scene has been thriving and the warehouses of Plagwitz are full of galleries. Various colourful murals and street art ooze out of the city, and many art exhibitions are showcased in the warehouses and factory buildings of Leipzig.


Leipzig has been home to some of Germany’s best-known artists for a long time such as Johann Sebastian  Bach, Schumann, Weber, and Wagner - and that music tradition continues. You can find all kinds of musical styles in the streets. Connewitz is great for rock, punk or hip-hop, Plagwitz for alternative or indie, Südvorstadt for party and electronic music or downtown for Latin music. And as the home of the longest continuously running orchestra in Europe, the Gewandhausorchester, classical music is always being played throughout the city, and in the parks in summer.

Leipzig Musik
Natur Philipp Kirschner


Leipzig has a lot of parks and lakes to offer. Take your bike, go for a walk, lose yourself, or have a BBQ with friends in the parks. Go to one of the many lakes around Leipzig, and take part in different activities like kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and so on.


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